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Appeal for reform in trials of Christians

Juvenal’s depiction of the proselytes and of their exclusiveness.

On the risks of the misbehaviours of the Roman governors towards Rome’s allies.
Juvenal’s condemnation of Egyptian superstition.

The downfall of the Roman empire

Celebration of Rome’s birthday under Maximian and Diocletian
Prayer to an undefined supreme divine entity asking it to grant eternal life to Constantine
Comparison of Constantine with Alexander the Great
Trier, the imperial residence competing with Rome
About the revival of the city of Autun thanks to Constantius Chlorus’s generosity
About the revival of Gallic campaigns thanks to Laeti and barbarian ploughmen
The citizen-emperor
The complaint of the Gauls regarding the neglect of the imperial centre towards their fate

Attalus, the Roman citizen

Preserved in Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History V.1.43-44, 50-52

Titus in the Temple

Titus in the Temple, in the sea and in Rome


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