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A convert and a daughter of converts and marriage with a priest – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

The laws of siqriqon

Caiaphas, the high priest, wants to have Jesus killed to avoid Roman retaliation on the Jews

Jesus and Pilate

On the manner in which the Christian congregation should receive imperial decrees and the word of God.

That God inspired Caesar Augustus to conduct the census at the time of Christ’s incarnation

Christians condemned in Roman courts on account of their name

The hidden symbolism in Rome’s displays of power

Hadrian’s Rescript to Minucius Fundanus

Petition for Christians to be examined fairly in the law courts

Appeal for reform in trials of Christians

Juvenal’s depiction of the proselytes and of their exclusiveness.

On the risks of the misbehaviours of the Roman governors towards Rome’s allies.
Juvenal’s condemnation of Egyptian superstition.

The downfall of the Roman empire

Celebration of Rome’s birthday under Maximian and Diocletian


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