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Christians in military service

Constantine’s orders regarding his representation on coins and in portraiture

Christians may not be slaves to Jews

The Roman judge, Firmilianus, worries that a Christian city is about to arise against Rome

How the Roman empire under one ruler reflects the sole sovereignty of God

The Roman people as a body resulting from the aggregation of heterogeneous individuals.
The successive ages of the Roman people.

Titus in the Temple, in the sea and in Rome

Antoninus and Rabbi Yehudah the Patriarch
Exoneration of Pilate

Paying taxes to Caesar

Julian’s failed attempt to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple with the help of the Jews

The beauty of Roman law and the Latin language

Concerning Christians who have joined with the barbarians invading the empire

About the foundations of imperial power and legitimacy and the preeminence of Rome in the middle of the third century CE
Hadrian’s ban of circumcision
Septimius Severus forbade conversion to Judaism and to Christian faith


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