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Freedom from tyrannical rulers

The affirmation of the dynastical principle in the proem of the Argonautica.
About the generosity of the Roman people.
The generosity of the Romans towards Greek cities in 196 BCE.
Aemilius Sura’s fragment about the succession of empires.
The adoption of Tiberius by Augustus, a guarantee of stability for the Roman Empire.

Exegesis on Revelation 17: the great whore and the beast

Aeneas tells the Trojans of their promised land in Latium

Jupiter outlines the future descendants of Aeneas – Rome’s great leaders

The promised city of Lavinium

Anchises shows Aeneas his descendants – the future Romans

The Trojans fulfil a prophecy

The prophecy of Aeneas’s arrivalin Latium

The river god, Tiberinus, confirms the Trojans have arrived in Italy

Aeneas receives his shield, made by Vulcan, from Venus

Tityrus, a shepherd-poet tells Meliboeus about his encounter with a man who saved him from expropriation

The coming of a Roman Messiah

Prayer to Caesar Octavian

Prayer for the young Caesar to help a struggling world


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