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Octavian receives the title of "Augustus"

Augustus is made pater patriae

Augustus is given the title of High Priest

Rome as the urbs aeterna, the "eternal city"

Mars admires the Forum of Augustus

The Golden Age of Saturn

The ascension of Romulus to heaven

The ascension of Romulus’s wife Hersilia to heaven


Ovid's prayer for Augustus's longevity

Julius Caesar is transformed into a star

Tiberius's triumph

On the various methods employed by Christians to avoid performing pagan sacrifice

The ‘Christ Hymn’ as a challenge to the imperial cult?

“Citizenship” in heaven

Rome as a triumphal Eighth Wonder of the World.
Cleopatra the symbol of women’s domination who threatened Roman power.
Propertius forecasts Augustus’s future conquests in the East and his triumph.

Quadratus presents an apology on behalf of the Christians to the emperor Hadrian

The vision of the beast


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