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A daughter of converts and marriage with a priest – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

The destruction of the Temple and its aftermaths

Decrees following wars against Rome

The calamities of the seventeenth of Tammuz and the ninth of Av

The lack of Roman remorse for their treatment of Christians

How the Romans destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem to punish the Jews for killing Christ

How the unity of nations brought by Roman rule has enabled the spread of the Gospel

The necessity of the updating of the Mosaic law, in accordance with life under Roman rule

The benefits if the Roman empire were to embrace Christianity

The image of Caesar and the image of God (Origen’s exegesis of Matthew 17:24-27)

Dedication to Caesar Germanicus

The legacy of the house of Augustus

Octavian receives the title of "Augustus"

Augustus is made pater patriae

Augustus is given the title of High Priest

Rome as the urbs aeterna, the "eternal city"

Mars admires the Forum of Augustus

The Golden Age of Saturn

The ascension of Romulus to heaven

The ascension of Romulus’s wife Hersilia to heaven



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