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Roman religious practice is specifically tailored towards its expansionist aims

Roman success is due to ferocity, not religious piety

Jesus contrasts the rule of the Gentiles with the Son of Man

Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Jesus before Pilate

Jesus is mocked and paraded to his crucifixion

The centurion recognises Jesus as the son of God

Jesus in the language of the empire?

Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners

Herod Antipas executes John the Baptist

Comparison between Domitian’s victory in Germania and the successes of Vespasian and Titus in Judea.
Martial’s expectations about the birth of an heir to Domitian.
The cosmopolitanism of the Roman empire as a challenge to Roman masculinity.
Circumcised Jews’ liability to the Jewish tax.
Jews hiding their circumcision.
Martial’s attack against a sodomite Jewish poet who swears by the temples of Jupiter.

The international and polyglot crowd paying tribute to the emperor in the Flavian amphitheatre.

The divine aura of the emperor.

The coming of the kingdom is violent

Imperial aggression – Assyrian and Roman


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