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Martial’s attack against a sodomite Jewish poet who swears by the temples of Jupiter.

The international and polyglot crowd paying tribute to the emperor in the Flavian amphitheatre.

The divine aura of the emperor.

The coming of the kingdom is violent

Imperial aggression – Assyrian and Roman

King Herod and the birth of Jesus

Jesus contrasts the Son of Man with the Gentile rulers

Paying taxes to Caesar

Eschatological woes and Jesus's parousia

Jesus before Pilate

Jesus is tempted by Satan in the wilderness

The healing of the centurion's servant

Jesus eats with tax collectors and sinners

Rebuilding of the Temple is not a proximate reality

Titus in the Temple

Prayer formulae that articulate hope for a rebuilding of the Temple

The laws of siqriqon

Converts and the declaration of the first fruit offering – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

The laws of siqriqon


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