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Critognatus’s speech against Rome

Faunus’s prophecy about the glorious future of Rome under the reign of a new emperor, probably Nero

Corydon wants to prove to his patron Meliboeus that himself and his brother Amyntas are able to compose a poem for the ruling emperor

The condemnation of Flavius Clemens for atheism
The circumcised emperor Elagabalus
The foundation of the colony of Aelia Capitolina.
The instauration of the Jewish tax

Augustus as emperor on earth, Christ as emperor in heaven

On the granting of Roman citizenship to a foreigner from a federate city.
On the superiority of the Romans because of their religious beliefs and their pietas.
Prohibition of any rituals of pagan cult

Christian citizenship and Roman citizenship

The Romans are not a nation but they are made for waging wars
The suffering of the empire is due to Roman religious ignorance


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