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Praise of Rome’s generosity regarding the grant of its citizenship and its sense of justice.

The destruction of the Jerusalem Temple 

The end of the Flavian dynasty?

The falling in favour of the Jewish people, their subjugation by Rome, and the coming of Christ

The communication between Pontius Pilate and the emperor Tiberius about Christ

Paul in Rome and the reputation of Nero

The persecution of the church under Nero, the first emperor to directly target Christianity

The relatives of Jesus before the emperor Domitian

The Epistle of Marcus Aurelius to the Common Assembly of Asia regarding the Christians

The Christianity of Severus Alexander’s mother

The motives for the persecution during the reign of Maximinus

The Christianity of the emperor Marcus Julius Philippus (Philip the Arab)

A Roman soldier, Besas, defends Christian martyrs in Alexandria

The previously tolerant emperor Valerian is persuaded to persecute the Christians

The behaviour of the church in the lead up the Great Persecution, which pronounced divine judgement

The transition of the Roman government from prosperity to unrest, and the piety of Constantius and Constantine

The martyrdom of Christians holding prominent positions within Roman authority
Constantine’s vision of Christ prior to the battle at the Milvian Bridge


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