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The adoption of Tiberius by Augustus, a guarantee of stability for the Roman Empire.

Exegesis on Revelation 17: the great whore and the beast

Aeneas tells the Trojans of their promised land in Latium

Jupiter outlines the future descendants of Aeneas – Rome’s great leaders

The promised city of Lavinium

Anchises shows Aeneas his descendants – the future Romans

The Trojans fulfil a prophecy

The prophecy of Aeneas’s arrivalin Latium

The river god, Tiberinus, confirms the Trojans have arrived in Italy

Aeneas receives his shield, made by Vulcan, from Venus

Tityrus, a shepherd-poet tells Meliboeus about his encounter with a man who saved him from expropriation

The coming of a Roman Messiah

Prayer to Caesar Octavian

Prayer for the young Caesar to help a struggling world

In praise of Caesar, protector of Roman land

Temple in honour of Caesar and Rome’s military triumphs


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