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The citizenship of the Christians

The conflict between divine law and that of the emperor

Extracts from the Martyrdom of Polycarp

The release of demons when the Romans entered the Jerusalem Temple

Why Christians will not worship the emperor

Tibullus’s description of the site of the future city of Rome.

Prophecy of the Sibyl on the destiny of Rome.

Restrictions regarding festivals of idolaters, including celebrations of the Roman Empire’s rise to power and major moments in the emperors’ lives.
Prohibitions against certain sales to gentiles: weaponry, instruments of torture, and the apparatus for chaining prisoners.
Roman spectacles: theaters, stadia, arenas, and other settings for public entertainment
Should Jews derive benefit from idols, jewelry, and vessels adorned with idolatrous images (through use or sale), or must they be destroyed?

Tax and customs collectors 

Converts and the declaration of the first fruit offering – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

 Tax collectors 

The laws of siqriqon

The convert and the freedman – the status of newcomers to Judaism.
Explanations for the destruction of the Temple

Roman taxes and customs 

The children of a convert – are converts full members of the Israelite community?


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