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Domitian’s harsh policy towards the Jews
Tacitus presents his version of the speech that the emperor Claudius pronounced in 48 CE at the Senate in Rome, which dealt with the admission of provincials from the Three Gauls to the Roman Senate.

Tatian’s views on the Roman emperor

The Romans as instruments of divine justice

Christianity, Roman law, and “good” and “bad” emperors

The folly of Roman idolatry

The nature of Christian prayer for the emperor

It is in Christianity’s interests to pray for the emperor

The necessity of the emperor’s human nature

Christians and military service

A Christian soldier is imprisoned because he refuses to wear the laurel crown


The contradiction between Roman military service and God’s laws

Praise for the emperor

Examples of Christianity’s aid of the Romans, and imperial recognition of this

Endorsement of martyrdom

The citizenship of the Christians

Extracts from the Martyrdom of Polycarp

Why Christians will not worship the emperor

Tibullus’s description of the site of the future city of Rome.


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