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Exhortation to an imperial legate to respect free cities of Achaea.
The construction of the public baths at Prusa.
Trajan’s ban of an association of firemen in Nicomedia.
The Roman emperor and the grant of Alexandrian citizenship.
Pliny’s correspondence with the Emperor Trajan regarding how to deal with Christians.
Dedication of a statue to the Roman Dēmos by the Rhodians.
Cleopatra the symbol of women’s domination who threatened Roman power.
Propertius forecasts Augustus’s future conquests in the East and his triumph.

Quadratus presents an apology on behalf of the Christians to the emperor Hadrian

Jews as a “pernicious nation”.
The necessity to use good Latin.

The vision of the beast

The fall of the kingdom of the beast

The great whore

Paul instructs the Christians in Rome to respect the ruling authorities

Jugurtha’s speech against Rome
The malfunctions of the Roman tax system and of civic institutions as source of social troubles
Criticism against Claudius’s policy concerning the grant of Roman citizenship.

The prediction of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple


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