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The immorality of Roman behaviour
The temporal nature of Roman laws and religious practices

Roman law and its failure to protect the Roman gods

The role of religious rites in Roman self-definition

Roman laws are only necessary because their gods do not exist

The lack of Roman integrity regarding the Capitol

The role of Rome’s military is greater than that of the gods
The peoplehood of the various nations of the Roman empire

Why the Christians will not sacrifice to the gods

That Rome’s gods did not care for morality, and so did not provide it with adequate laws, meaning that the Romans had to borrow them from other nations

Rome’s virtues as a state, and the citizenship of the heavenly commonwealth

Speech of the German Ariovistus, just before the confrontation with Caesar

Just before their military confrontation, Caesar responds to Ariovistus’s justification of his policy towards the Aedui.

Critognatus’s speech against Rome

Faunus’s prophecy about the glorious future of Rome under the reign of a new emperor, probably Nero

Corydon wants to prove to his patron Meliboeus that himself and his brother Amyntas are able to compose a poem for the ruling emperor

The condemnation of Flavius Clemens for atheism
The circumcised emperor Elagabalus


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