Jerusalem Talmud Sotah 9:14, 24c (= Pe’ah 1:1, 15c)

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The rabbinic ban on teaching Greek to sons

360 CE to 400 CE
Syria Palaestina
Hebrew and Aramaic
Literary genre: 
Title of work: 
Jerusalem Talmud
9:14, 24c (= Pe’ah 1:1, 15c)
Bibliographical references: 
Lieberman, Saul, “The Alleged Ban on Greek Wisdom” , in Hellenism in Jewish Palestine: Studies in the Literary Transmission Beliefs and Manners of Palestine in the I Century B.C.E. – IV Century CE (; New York: The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1962), 100-114
Werblowsky, R. J. Z., “Greek Wisdom and Proficiency” , in Paganisme, Judaïsme, Christianisme: Influences et affrontements dans le monde antique (; Paris: de Boccard, 1978), 55-60
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Jerusalem Talmud Sotah 9:14, 24c (= Pe’ah 1:1, 15c)
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