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Hadrian restores the ancient lands of Zeus in Aizanoi using Hellenistic precedents and members of his administration
Hadrian visits Ephesus and the city prepares a performance of hymns sung by the local ephebes.
Hadrian accepts the position of prophêtês in Didyma and sends a letter to Miletus highlighting his piety and benefactions
Hadrian issues an edict to prevent the abuse by soldiers crossing Asia during one of his imperial visits
The governor of Arabia, Titus Haterius Nepos, is honoured as a benefactor after the Bar Kokhba revolt.

Honours for a member of a prominent and cultured family from Hierapolis which was given Roman citizenship and participated actively in the Roman administration. 

The Lycian people honour the emperor Claudius as a saviour for delivering them of internal strife and insecurity after the new province was established

Reconstruction of the inscription produced for the inauguration of the Flavian amphitheatre under Vespasian and then under Titus.

Iulius Demosthenes founds a new agonistic festival under Hadrian combining local motifs of Oenoanda and the imperial cult

Funerary monument invoking both God and the Tychē of the emperor

Graffiti from the persecution under Diocletian?

Possible tribute to a Christian martyr

The bishop of Laodicea and former soldier, Eugenius, commemorates the construction of a church after having suffered persecution and tortures under Maximinus Daia.

The Roman governor responds to a complaint raised by a village in southern Syria that suffered illegal exactions despite having a guest house for soldiers.

Career of Iulius Severus, one of the Roman officials in the East during the Bar Kokhba revolt.


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