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Delphi grants its local citizenship to a Roman soldier supervising the works sponsored by Hadrian.

An officer of Dura Europos honours Lucius Verus, the emperor who defeated the Parthians and returned Mesopotamia to Roman control.

The governor Sextus Sotidius Strabo Libuscidianus sets the rules for requisitioning official transport and accommodation in the territory of Sagalassos

The provincial governor of Egypt introduces Galba as a saviour of humankind in his response to many petitions sent by the local population

Inscribed plaque honouring the achievements of Aeneas. 

Inscribed plaque honouring Romulus. 

One of the principal institutions of Ephesus reinstates old cultic practices and connects them to the imperial cult and the perpetual preservation of the Roman emperor.
The city of Ephesus decides to celebrate Antoninus Pius’s birthday in exchange for the benefactions of the new emperor
A local benefactor and priest of the imperial cult is honoured in both Rhodes and Caria for his piety towards the emperor
A local decree specifies the clauses of a foundation given by Praxias, which was to be protected in the eternity of Roman rule and guarded by the Augusti

The city of Cyzicus decrees that the kings of Thrace and Antonia Tryphaena are to be honoured because the emperor Gaius (Caligula) has confirmed their rule

Establishment of the first agonistic festival in Gerasa for the salvation of Trajan
Villagers from Thrace petitioned the emperor Gordian III to end abuses from soldiers that threatened their ancestral homes.
Hadrian respectfully recommends the admission of his sea-captain to the Ephesian council.


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