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Dedicatory inscription recording the building of a chalcidicum, crypt and portico by a prominent citizen Eumachia, and her son Marcus Numistrius Fronto. 

The earliest known dedication of the attendants of the cult of Augustan Fortune in Pompeii.

The dedication of the Temple of Augustan Fortune in the Forum of Pompeii.

Delphi grants its local citizenship to a Roman soldier supervising the works sponsored by Hadrian

The governor Sextus Sotidius Strabo Libuscidianus sets the rules for requisitioning official transport and accommodation in the territory of Sagalassos

The provincial governor of Egypt introduces Galba as a saviour of humankind in his response to many petitions sent by the local population

Inscribed plaque honouring the achievements of Aeneas. 

Inscribed plaque honouring Romulus. 

The city of Ephesus decides to celebrate Antoninus Pius’s birthday in exchange for the benefactions of the new emperor


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