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Decree of the Greek cities in Asia accepting the proposal by the governor Paullus Fabius Maximus to start their calendars on 23 September, Augustus’s birthday

An edict of a Roman official that deals with the riots caused by an association of bakers in Ephesus. The local council is also summoned to solve this issue. 

C. Claudius Lucianus is selected possibly by the proconsul of Asia M. Sulpicius Crassus for the position of eirenarch, which was in charge of keeping local security. 

Bilingual minutes of a hearing in a tribunal presided by Caracalla in Antioch, with a case involving the piety of the emperor.

A Roman commander from Attaleia in Pamphylia is honoured for services that included the colonisation of Cyrene after Trajan

Commodus praises the southern Anatolian city of Boubon for defending the local security and confirms a reward granted by the Lycian council. 

Augustus sets new rules on the way Greek and Roman citizens shall chose their tribunals and juries (I). Roman citizens without immunity in the Cyrenaica shall contribute to the local liturgies (III) 

Dedicatory inscription recording the building of a chalcidicum, crypt and portico by a prominent citizen Eumachia, and her son Marcus Numistrius Fronto. 

The earliest known dedication of the attendants of the cult of Augustan Fortune in Pompeii.

The dedication of the Temple of Augustan Fortune in the Forum of Pompeii.


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