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The island of Cyprus takes an oath showing their loyalty to Tiberius, praising Rome’s eternity and emphasising the kinship relations between the local Aphrodite and the Roman Venus

A dedication to the town council and the officers of the imperial cult in Herculaneum.

A king of Bosporus honours Hadrian as a restorer and benefactor and is grateful for his registration as a friend of Rome.

A local benefactor prepares a statue and vows for the hegemony of Hadrian, and the perpetual preservation and victory of the Roman people and senate.

A decree honours a local officer for having acted as a “guardian of peace” in a remote location of southern Anatolia between 270’s and 280’s CE.
The provincial governor settles a dispute concerning the freedom of Chios and describes the use of previous official documents
The emperor Antoninus Pius confirms the foundation of games that followed the precedent set by the neighbouring city of Oinoanda
Antoninus Pius does not grant the status of assize centre to Berenice because of Cyrene’s opposition

Antoninus Pius acknowledges the euergetic actions of a benefactor from Lycia.

The free and autonomous city of Aphrodisias sets up a monument in Ephesus commemorating the grant of neokoria by Domitian
Augustus with Agrippa rule that sacred and public lands should be returned to local institutions.
Decree of the Greek cities in Asia accepting the proposal by the governor Paullus Fabius Maximus to start their calendars on 23 September, Augustus’s birthday

C. Claudius Lucianus is selected possibly by the proconsul of Asia M. Sulpicius Crassus for the position of eirenarch, which was in charge of keeping local security. 

A Roman commander from Attaleia in Pamphylia is honoured for services that included the colonisation of Cyrene after Trajan

Commodus praises the southern Anatolian city of Boubon for defending the local security and confirms a reward granted by the Lycian council. 


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